The restoration of our windmill has been completed.

The water extraction windmill is the one used to extract water from the subsoil taking advantage of the force of the wind, having been fundamental for decades for the island’s agriculture.

In Mallorca, the first water extraction windmill dates back to the years 1845-1850, when the Dutch engineer Paul Bouvij directed the work of draining the Pla de Sant Jordi (Palma) and had the first one built to facilitate this task.

Nowadays, there are around 2,300 water extraction mills all over Mallorca, and the municipalities of Campos, Sa Pobla, Muro, Ses Salines and Palma have the largest number of these fantastic devices.

Unfortunately, only 5% of them have been restored, a circumstance that makes the help of everyone especially important to keep alive a heritage on the verge of extinction.

At T Golf we are proud to help preserve Mallorca’s heritage and, in this sense, we couldn’t be happier to have finished the restoration of our windmill with iron box and blades.

It is located next to the fairway of the 10th hole, and its imposing figure can be seen from many areas of T Golf & Country Club.