This bit of news is music to our ears. Literally. T Golf is proud to announce that German musician and DJ Winnie Appel will be bringing his unique brand of entertainment to the club. To get a feel for our latest signing, we sat down with Winnie to find out a little more about the man behind the music.

How did you get involved in entertainment field?
I started at 14. It was a small audience with just me and a small keyboard. Over the years the events kept growing until 1991 I decided become a professional musician and I was lucky enough to perform all over the world.

You started in music at 14. Have you held any other positions?
I was a policeman for years but eventually I had to make a decision: policeman or musician. That was the moment I took off my uniform.

What do you like most about being in front of the public?
Making live music is a great way to show your own feelings and create feelings in others. And the response is spontaneous and fast: if you do a good job there is applause, if you do a bad job there is no applause. It’s simple really…

What do you hope to bring to the people who come to see you perform?
I’m a perfectionist: the location, the stage, the sound, the light all have to be right. Then I try to get the right choice of songs for the audience. I want to get them in the right mood for the moment. I want them to party and enjoy the event.

Do you have any funny anecdotes that happened while you were performing?
After 46 years on stage now there are so much stories. Since we are at a golf club I wil I remember one time when the president of a golf club in Germany was giving a speech to greet his guests. He was standing in front of the buffet and did not realize that my saxophone player was behind him piling up plate. Everybody was laughing but that didn’t stop the sax player who just kept piling more food on his plate. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry…

What are the main ingredients for the perfect party?
I have a special formula for a good party: 40-40-10-10
40% is the guest list. Think about the party – what is your intention – and then decide who is on the list. Another 40% is the type of entertainment you book. It doesn’t matter if it is a DJ, a band or may be only a piano player, but it has to be the right thing for the guests. Then 10% is the choice of location to make the people feel good and have a good sound system. The final 10% is the quality of food, drinks and service. Get those percentages right and you have a very special event.

What are your plans for T Golf?
T Golf is special. Here we have members from all over the world. It is important to understand what kind of music they all like. Plus we all speak different languages. The next step for me is to learn to speak and sing in Spanish. Larga vida a la musica!