Hi dear T-golfers!!

I am Elvis!

Stacey caught my mum from the streets in a trap when we were one day old born in the spikey bushed near the rubbish bins. A nasty sand flea mosquito bit in my beautiful nose and now there is leishmanial in there. I need injections in it every week and they are extremely painful, that’s why I need to go sleepy-eyes every week so i don’t feel it. I wanted to say thank you on behalf of all the animals at Rancho Fino for supporting us! We get our vaccines, bravecto (anti tick, flea and lice), deworming, lots of good quality food and more time from Stacey now because of your heart-warming support!

Neutering and spaying for what we definitely on the barricades. Vet checks, visits, dental-care and medication.

Thank you thank you thank you

With you guys helping Stacey and Sten she can help us and more of us!

Have a grrrrreat day!