Mallorca professional Luna Sobrón has chosen T-Golf as her home course while in Mallorca. She says she picked T-Golf in order to better prepare for the gruelling American Tour. Entering her third year on the tour, Luna has already recorded three top ten European Tour finishes and is currently ranked number 41 in the Order of Merit on the Ladies European Tour. We sat down with Luna to talk the game, the tour and T-Golf.

1) You became a professional in 2016. What do you like most about the life of a professional golfer?

I love to get to the course, see how that tournament is set up and meet the people. But what I really like is the environment of competition, the adrenaline and tension. I can’t wait for Thursday, so I can go out and compete with myself and with others.

2) What was the most surprising thing you found in your first years of being professional?

The level of demand and professionalism is unbelievable. When I arrived two years ago at the LPGA (American tour) I was surprised at the great level of specialization that there was.

3) How did being from Mallorca help you develop as a golf professional?

Mallorca has a wide variety of courses that teach you how to play and that is great, but where you really learn is when you go abroad and compete with people from other countries.

4) What first attracted you to T-Golf?

The beauty and the high level of quality it has. The course is in such good condition that it allows me to train at the level of the courses that you find on the American tour.

5) As a professional, what is your favorite T-Golf hole?

I quite like the 18th hole and the beautiful finish in front of the restaurant terrace. Aside from the holes, I really love the short play and putting practice area in front of the clubhouse.

6) And the most difficult?

Perhaps for me the most difficult tee shot is on the third hole. Also, the greens are so large that it is very difficult to judge the distances. To be successful you have to know how to hit long distance putts well.

7) How does the course help you prepare for a tournament?

T-Golf has the same excellent conditions that I find on the courses in the U.S. Playing here helps me improve day by day and put me in a good place and ready for the tournaments.

8) As a professional, in general terms, what stands out most about the T-Golf?

The quality of grass and the greens at T-Golf is the most similar to that of the American courses of any on the island. I would say that the greens here have a lot more play in them than they seem. They can be hard to read but their conditions are so perfect that the ball rolls very well and responds very nobly.